21 septiembre 2010

New proyect: Spit. / Nuevo proyecto: La escupida.

Well friends. This is the start point for my new dio. The bridge its made Dental Gypsum a local manufacturer. The idea is to create a scene in which the time will also take a 232 / 2 PUMA or a small vehicle.

The centra idea is a guy in the bridge spit over a dead enemy soldier floating in the river.

Bien amigos este será mi nuevo proyectos. El puente esta hecho de yeso dental y proviene de un proveedor local. La idea es crear una idea donde participe un 232/2 Puma o un vehículo de menor embergadura.
La idea central de este diorama es mostrar un personaje sobre el puente que escupe sobre un soldado enemigo que flota en el rio.

I made a start in Photoshop and assembled to show a little idea I have. While the central idea I had clear from the beginning of the scene and one that spits out a body of an American fleet in the stream. Hence the name Project. My dilemma is that went back and counted in the small base of my left side 13.5 wide x 23 long x 9.5 on the other side. I've thought about this

He armado un poco lo que tengo en mente en Photoshop. Ya que la idea central era clara. Quería tener más en claro lo que pasaba detras. He pensado en esto.

What appears in green circles is what is safe.
The red lines are:
1, 2 and 3 -> foot soldiers watching the soldier who spits.
4 -> officer on or in the bug watching the soldier who spits.
5 -> soldier out of action in third place. It may be coming to the point of interest, to the bug, or to the focus away from everything. That is, an independent figure to break ...

Lo que aparece dentro de los círculos verdes es algo que me parece bien y no modificaré. Las rayas rojas son: 1, 2 y 3 --> soldados de a pie observando al soldado que escupe. 4 --> oficial encima o dentro del bicho observando al soldado que escupe. 5 --> soldado fuera de la acción en un tercer plano. Con éste podría jugar mucho. Podría ir acercándose hacia el punto de interés, hacia el bicho, hacia el foco o bien alejándose de todo. Es decir, una figura independiente que rompa...

Here is an example of how you could split the scene with some figures to see what happens and other independent of them. Although for this picture using the barge a 234 I have ruled out using a vehicle as not to remove high prominence on the scene. I think eventually will place on the bridge part of a Field Kitchen Tamiya ended by a subject and the figures that I used on the bridge. Further back on the street will place a Schwimmwagen to develop a secondary scene.

Aquí un pequeño fotomontaje que muestra un poco la distribución. Aunque para esta foto use la barcaza de un 234 he descartado utilizar un vehículo tan alto para no quitar protagonismo a la escena. Creo que finalmente colocaré sobre el puente una parte de un Field Kitchen de Tamiya por un tema de composición y por las figuras que pienso usar sobre el puente. Más atrás sobre la calle colocaré un Schwimmwagen para desarrollar una escena secundaria.

Here a work in the bridge. Only the base color and washed with emphasis on missing slots to a very soft washed some stones, each with a different colo to give variety of color and a very soft glaze with the original base color to unify.

Aquí los avances en el puente de momento: color base + lavados unicamente.

Here is what they ire doing these days is to mark the water line and down to give color to the base.

A) The base color you used is correct, perhaps giving a bit of satin varnish you closer to the tone of such stones in a bridge.
B) Adding some green to the base color will create the typical brand of flotation that is built on bridges. This strip should be progressive, because it will be from a gray tone used near the top to a pitch black or very dark ash at the bottom.
C) Since this strip the part that is under the water level should provide the dark tone color or black.

En esto estoy estos días.

A) El color base.
B) Añadiendo algo de color verde al color base crear la típica marca de flotación que se crea en los puentes. Esta franja debe ser progresiva, ya que irá desde un tono más cercano al gris usado en la parte superior hasta un tono ennegrecido o ceniza muy oscuro en la parte inferior.
C) Siendo esta franja la parte que queda bajo el nivel del agua, debería presentar esa tonalidad oscura color ceniza o ennegrecido.

Some steps of these days.
Algunos avances.

I think it will replace the 234. Lay a part of the Tamiya F KItechen on the bridge and a Schwimmwagen in another sector of the street to a secondary scene I have in mind.

Some things to show.

I decided to work on the bridge with oils accenting stone stone washed x x sectors and I do not want to run the risk of mismatch of color and do not know if I want to give it another general glaze. Then this system is more controlled. At the moment the result is this.

Some progress on the figure that spits.

The figure chosen x the pose for spitting is.
German Tank Ammo Tamiya loading crew.

Well the trouble is that the set is Tamiya. As two poses will take 4 schemes of figures. Which I intend to use is lowered.

I worked in the legs and highlighting things sanding. I show a little because while x pose the figure does not show many details of their clothing is one of the most important part of my scene (as all but a little bit more).

The area was eating and taking the bottom of the jacket to give air around its edge and the edges of the soles of shoes and pockets demases. Yet to take and pass a brush x looking at the pictures I realize that there are remains x here and there.

After which I cut the bottom of the shirt x was sure I was not going to go out or there.
Luego he colocado un pequeño alambre con la forma que se aproxima a lo que estimo será la pose.

And here's a little Terminator 3 world country.
The advantage is that I have only to fill the arm that I hope will be easier in terms of folds of clothing etc.

Y aquí tenemos un pequeño Terminator 3 mundista.
La ventaja es que tengo solamente que rellenar el brazo que espero sea más facil en cuanto a dobleces de ropa etc.

Whit two arms.

Con sus dos brazos.

I completed last night but I have not sanded x I thought the parsec was not quite dry.
Anoche he rellenado pero aún no he lijado x me pareció que el parsec no estaba del todo seco.

Well folks here we are x x nowadays.
A greeting and thanks for watch.

Bien en esto estamos. Gracias x mirar.

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