06 septiembre 2010

Shared: Workshop army and paint a 2GM figure. / Compartiendo. Taller virtual Pintando una figura de la 2GM.

I am taking part of an on-line workshop. The mechanics of the above mentioned on-line workshop is the following one. They all those who are annotated add his figures and there are two or three grosos statuette-makers who are guiding and taking part simultaneously and we all are adding up and reaching.

The idea is here it is to share my stepwise and everything add also the possible byline of other participants of the workshop.

We start.

My figure is a Rider of Dragoon that I expect to include and to be able to place mounted but on one 234/2 in my future project.

Estoy participando de un taller on line. La mecánica de dicho taller on line es la siguiente. Todos los que se anotan suman sus figuras y hay dos o tres grosos figureros que van guiando y participando a la vez y todos vamos sumando y aportando.

La idea es aquí es compartir mi paso a paso y sumar también toda la data posible de los demás participantes del taller.


Mi figura es un Rider de Dragon que espero incluir y poder colocar montado pero sobre un 234/2 en mi futuro proyecto.


The figure have good details.
La figura tiene buenos detalles.

And many burrs.
Asi como muchas rebarbas.

Just submitted.
Apenas presentada.

I take the posting to share a very interesting link.
Aprovecho el posteo para compartir unos link que muy interesantes.




As we move share.
A medida que avance voy compartiendo.

Thanks for watch. Gracias x mirar.

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